Wanting To Own  car Dealership

Dating back to my days playing with toy cars, lining them up and pretending to be a car dealership, I have always wanted to own one in real life.  That finally happens and over many years I have worked at and owned small used car dealerships which were daunting but positive.


In the late 90's I opted to "play" with some 1/18 scale models and due to my background it opened the door to my repainting some to match cars I owned. This led to my opening a retail diecast store in 1999 in Lombard, IL called, The Diecast Mall, then converting it to Custom Diecast Replicas in 2001. 

Over the years I continued to repaint models for customers all over the world and resell 1/18 scale models via my website. This though still wasn't exactly what I wanted.

In 2012 I sold CDR to a part time employee and he still runs it. I stepped away for a couple years (went back into the real car business) and in 2016 I opened Your Car In Diecast, which became an immediate success. I realized however I still enjoyed selling 1/18 models more and in the end led to my creating this website,

Here I offer cool, unique, limited edition models some of which I have commissioned direct from China or have turned into convertibles. This site also allows me to offer options for your 1/18 scale model purchase NEVER offered before in the industry. Gee, just like a real dealership.

Now I can truly say I am a dealership in 1/18 scale. 

Thank you for all your support and Happy Collecting,

Please do not email me about doing a custom diecast car as I am NOT doing any individual projects anymore. Please see the YCID website for information about finding someone who can help you. 

John Fox



1900 W Chandler Blvd,
Suite 15-105, Chandler AZ 85224

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