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Back in 2020 I bought 12 of these to make into pro touring cars, harder than I thought, I scrapped the idea then went through the cars to retail them, found some blems sold them off and forgot I had 6 new in box cars in storage. Now that I found them in the new warehouse I am making them available.


Please search eBays sold listing on these only one sold in the last 90 days for $140.00 with shipping. Others are listing for stupid money ($180 + $200).  While there are none out there, its just a Autoworld Duster 340 in Orange. My price is based on these things and all cars have been opened and inspected so I know they are good to go.


$79.95 plus shipped.

Autoworld, 1970 Plymouth Duster 340, Orange, Kinda Rare

SKU: AWDust340
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