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This NEW YCID release, 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger in B7 Blue will have White interior and White stripe will be available in 3 variations. This was a late addition to the Acme Blue Dart run. These are very limited and only in these combinations. This will have a YCID LE license plate.


Again these are B7 which is darker then B5, pictures shown were the closest I could find to the model I am releasing and the color on them is WRONG. You will get a B7 Blue version. 


Coupe, White interior, White stripe, DD wheels, 1 -36 SOLD OUT

Coupe, White interior, White stripe and White vinyl top, DD wheels, 1-60

Convertible, White interior, White stripe, White boot, DD wheels, 1-60 SOLD OUT


NOTE: Pictures show other interior colors, all of mine will have White interiors. Notice also different wheels, mine ALL come with painted DD wheels, if you want something else it needs to be ordered for the swap from the website. Cars shown are B5, the models will be the darker B7 Blue. 


Pre order for $5.00

Prices should be, coupe no VT, $139.95

Vinyl top version, $149.95

Convertible versions, $186.95


Due in August, coupes and vinyl top versions invoiced first, convertibles later in the month.

YCID, 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger LE B7 Dark Blue

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