BYC/ACME, Yellow Jacket, 1969 Camaro Street Fighter convertible

BYC/ACME, Yellow Jacket, 1969 Camaro Street Fighter convertible

SKU: BYCA1805709

This will be limited to just 12 being done and will be slightly different than other convertbiles. This Backyard Conversions release will come with a Black resin cast boot but NO chrome foil around the windshield. Because its a non chrome trimmed car I am leaving the windshield frame body color.


I am however going to see if I can easily lower the rear so its looks more correct. I cannot guarantee it but since the models will be apart for the convertbile conversion I will try. (photoshopped picture and stock release pictures)


These are the Highway 61 tooled, 1969 Camaro with a 427, 4 speed, Black interior with white houndstooth seat pattern and comes in Yellow with all Black trim and wheels. 


When they arrive they will priced at $179.95 plus shipping at $16.50. Out of US customers contact us for shipping. Expected in December but I being they are coming the same time as my Black Z/28 which was changed to January so sometime between the two.




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