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This is something different, its the first Highway 61 Challenger with a late model 392 Hemi in it. Based on the Mopar Sema, satin Black version with gloss stripes this is a 100% gloss Black version with satin stripes. Limited to just 250 being produced and due in January, 2024


The Car:

Highway 61, 1970 Dodge Challenger

Aftermarket, 392 Hemi with Shaker and cold air intake

4 speed with custom aftermarket steering wheel


Lowered suspension

YCID, 18 inch dog dish wheel (sample has all 4 the same, front will be shallower)

Polished aluminum center caps (chrome shown but will be replaced)

Custom mixed, Black metallic paint with 7 different color pearls in it. Under normal light it looks Black under direct light or sun it sparkles.

Custom satin black and red full body stripe (needs to be narrowed slightly)

Battery relocated to the trunk plumbed along with 2 plumbed NOS bottles marker "Go Juice"

PTC 3, Arizona license plate


$139.95 plus shipping and handling

PTC#3, 392 Hemi, 1970 Dodge Challenger

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