YCID, 1969 Camaro Pace Car

YCID, 1969 Camaro Pace Car


PLEASE READ ! These are limited to 12 total made. These will be modified by YCID to replicate the real 1969 Camaro Pace car. Please read below so you know what it being done to create these.


Starting with the HWY61 tooled White, 1969 Z10 being released, YCID will disassembed the model to create the convertible then repaint the stock interior orange, add the black houndstooth seat pattern, create and apply the Indy 500 decals which will be vinyl cut, reassemble and attached a resin cast orange boot.They will come with my YCID license plates which are stickers that can be removed if you want.


These will have a numbered COA but no other stickers or information. Please note these are not licensed so I will not do more than 12 total. Picture show is of one done years ago for a diecast collector using waterslide decals. 


Pricing is unknown at this time as I will have to figure out costs once I have them here. These will NOT be less than $200.00 but could be somewhere around $300.00 so please only pre order if you are serious. If at the time I have the pricing figured out and you no longer want one that is fine also. 


UPDATE: I also am not sure what engine will be in the car. Once I have them in my hand or have seen a sample of the stock white version being used fo these I will know and post it here. Should be a 396 but until I can confirm I do not know.




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