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These Vitamin C Orange Challengers will have a Black wraparound tail stripe and White interior. They will be equipped with a Hemi, with a 4 speed and center console. Addtionally these will all have the luggage rack option, rally wheels and hood pins. Black vinyl top versions and sunroof versions also available. Please look for the Orange circles which are associated with each version and make sure you pre order the correct one.


Sunroof version will have the suitcase on the luggage rack also, sample pic provided.


All cars comes in the standard YCID art deco box and include a COA.  Pricing includes freight surcharge.


Coupe, limited to 140, $145.95 in stock

Convertible, limited to 60, $186.95 SOLD OUT

Coupe/Blk Vinyl, limited to 96, SOLD OUT

Coupe/Sunroof, limited to 60, $229.95 SOLD OUT

YCID #25, 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T, Vitamin C Orange

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