YCID, NASH BRIDGES TRIBUTE, 1971 CUDA convertible, 1-120, SOLD OUT

YCID, NASH BRIDGES TRIBUTE, 1971 CUDA convertible, 1-120, SOLD OUT

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In 2009 the Nash Bridges, School Bus Yellow 1971 Hemi Cuda was released and limited to 504 coupes. 246 of these were turned into convertbiles to represent the actual TV show car. Because these are long sold out and rarely avialable on the seconary market and when they command $500-600.00.


This version being released by YCID will have the correct BF Goodridge RWL tires, correct misspelled California license plate and possibly the correct toothed lower valance. 


Pictured with the art file is the original SC 504 car release and a 1-246 convertible version done years ago plus a picture of the original version. These are made using the Highway 61 tooling.


Because of overwelming requests I have changed the order to 120 convertbiles and have added more to the inventory. Long story but when adding more coupes I was required to add more cars that will become convertibles. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE AGAIN. 120 Nash Cuda Tribute convertbiles will be offered and that is it!


Each will come in its own art deco box ,numbered trunk plate, signed COA, and additional stick on license plates. 



These are priced at $184.95 



These are due in October, they are made as paid for and it may take a couple weeks to get them all created and shipped. Note if you do pre order one and pay the invoice when due you will get yours !


Your $1.00 deposit today holds yours until they arrive, if you opt not to purchase the model you will be refunded.  Shipping in the US is $16.50 insured ground. Out of US will be priced as needed.




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