YCID release #10V, 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T "Creamsicle"

YCID release #10V, 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T "Creamsicle"


I will be re creating in diecast the real car pictured as closely as possible. The real car is a 71 R/T, 426 Hemi, 4 speed car with the option package that includes the wider chrome trim around the front edge of the hood and fenders, polished stainless rocker molding and factory sunroof.


This diecast release is limited to just 48 pieces and will be priced right around $180.00 each but final price will be posted when available. Each car will have a 1 of 48 sticker on the box and a special, Creamsicle 1971 Hemi Challenger decal on the exterior display box also. These will not be wholesaled and only available though me. 


Please note the diecast model pictured is the sample and not the final product to be modifed.


I do not have an offical part number yet and this will be updated when available.