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This is the latest sample and 95+% correct to how the production release will look. These are large, 30X12X15 when assembled and include 4 working ceiling lights. Removable roof sign for access to the interior to swap out car. Assembly is required, directions, screws and screwdriver included. I cannot estimate shipping at this time until I have a packaged version in hand.


More about this diorama. It is a Yenko licensed product but I was unable to obtain GM licensing so the factory produced version, shown, will not have any Chevrolet or images of Chevrolets on or in it. You are welcome to add those on your own but I cannot produce it that way. 


The floor and interior back wall with offices, parts department and roll up door are as it was in the dealership back in the late 60's. 


These will head to production next week and are expected about 6 weeks after that. These are priced ON PRE ORDER at $209.95, once they arrive they price will increase to $239.95. plus shipping. A $10.00 down payment deposit is needed to secure one when they arrive.


Models shown inside are NOT included.

Yenko Sportscars Dealership Diorama

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