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First True Pro Touring Challenger with SRT 392 Hemi

Now available for pre order this true custom, 1970 Dodge Challenger, SRT 392 Hemi pro touring classics is open for pre order. This car has many new features not seen on a Challenger in diecast. Please see the listing bellow for more info.

If you reserved a Mr. Norms diorama these are on the water and should be in the end of October or early November. Once they arrive only those who pre ordered will pay the $189.95 price. Those who did not pre order will have to pay the then retail price of $224.95 plus S/H.

Also, the last batch of 2 car garage dioramas will be here before the end of the year, pre order now.

YCID releases are commissioned runs made specifically to our specifications. Sold exclusively though here and a very small group of online retailers who we wholesale some too. Since 2019 YCID has released almost 40 models along with variations of them into the diecast collectables industry. 

YCID Releases, Pre Order and In Stock